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the beginning of the end.

Hey everyone! We haven’t updated much this week, so we thought we’d give you a little recap on the week and let you know how the rest of the trip will pan out.

We completed 4 days of VBS on Wednesday. We were all getting really tired, seeing as this is week 3, but God is good and gave us all the energy to make it through and just have a good time with the children. We pray that God will continue to work in their lives!

Also on Wednesday we had another open air type service, but unlike in the other cities, this one was mostly directed towards youth. There were adults there also but mostly kids. At first we were all a little disappointed because when we got there, we discovered that we would’t have a sound system like we had planned. So we had to do the “ragman” skit, (which if you don’t know portrays Jesus taking away people’s hurts and pain and then being crucified and resurrected) without music. It’s a really awesome skit, but we had never done it without music and we were all a little nervous. Afterwards, several people in the audience reassured us it was still powerful, which was awesome! When we had completed our portion of the service (which included 2 skits, testimonies and a charge), Pastor Zifus asked people to raise their hand if they wanted to accept Jesus as their Savior and several people, including teenagers raised their hands. At that moment, I knew that despite our doubts and insecurities and wondering if we were doing any good, there was a reason God sent us here, He was working through us, and we were doing good things in His name. It was a humbling experience.

Tonight begins our journey home, we are going back to Augier/Vieux Fort, participating in an all night prayer service, hanging out with the awesome youth there one last time, and then Saturday afternoon we will fly back to Atlanta. Please pray for safe travels for us! Thank you all!

Team St. Lucia


We made it safely to Guesneau on Saturday. Yesterday we attended an awesome church service that Adriana was able to preach at. Conducted our first day of VBS and got some planning done for a BBQ later this week. We also had an awesome team meeting. We are family!

Team St. Lucia

Augier Recap

So, we never really did a recap of what our ministry in Augier looked like and it’s almost the end of our time in Soufriere already. Hard to believe that it’s already been nearly two weeks. 

While in Augier we were primarily working with children. This ranged from giving presentations in schools from kindergarteners to high schoolers or infant school to secondary school as they are called here. Most of our presentations were about 20 minutes. We did skits, songs, and sometimes testimonies. We also had the opportunity to go to a special needs school. This was the first time the pastor had taken a group there and it was a blessing. I personally was able to attempt interpreting as there were several deaf students. I didn’t do too hot, but it made me really want to get back into signing. 

The other main part of what we did was VBS. Well, not really VBS because they’re all still in school right now and it’s exam time. Not really a vacation, but that’s ok. We did Bible Story skits, sang songs, played games, and had crafts. 

We participate in an open air. Preaching the Gospel on a street corner and praying that someone would be moved by it. 

Pastor Cletus Henry shared with me that they’re working to build a sports outreach ministry. We were able to donate some sports equipment including a volleyball net and he was very much appreciative. Be praying for the Augier Evangelical Church. God is doing some mighty things through them. Pray especially for their youth to remain steadfast and grounded in Him.


Good Night

No we’re not going to bed, thats the greeting in St. Lucia during the evening time. We are currently hanging out with several teenagers and adults from the church in Soufriere, just playing games and having some fellowship. One of the amazing ladies from the church is making us bakes. basically fried donuts with nutella and peanut butter. AMAAAZING!

The past two nights here have been the main part of our ministry so far in this city. We have definitely been stretched and challenged by this. We have gone to Barons Drive (spelling?) and parked right outside some bars and in a pretty rough neighborhood. Both nights we have basically just conducted a church service outside at night and members of the team have shared their testimonies, preached, led worship and prayed for people who may not know Jesus to accept Him as their Savior. God was really working through this, we could see people actually stopping to listen.

Today was a really cool day, we basically just have been hanging out with kids from the church and one of the church members has been showing us some of the wonders of Soufriere. We went to two little waterfall things, one was more like a natural hot spring and the other was an actual waterfall that was really cool because we all got to get in and take pictures under it. It was really cold though. But it was amazing to experience some of God’s beautiful creation here in St. Lucia and just relax with the kids. 

We love and miss all of you!

Tori, Danika, Shelby :)

First Day in Soufriere

This morning we loaded up in a van and head out for Soufriere. The trip was only about 45 minutes long but I have never been around so many curves in my entire life. Luckily no one on the team had any trouble with car sickness. The drive was gorgeous just like the rest of the island, we drove right past the Pitons, which are the two really tall mountains that the island is known for. We spent the afternoon relaxing and making ourselves at home in our knew apartment and then went to the church and sit in on worship team practice this evening. So far the trip has been amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what else God has in store for us in this new city, starting tomorrow. Keep praying for us, its very much appreciated.


"Ain’t in no hurry today"

Hey everybody! It’s Adriana here. I was supposed to blog after our “open air” the other day, but I got caught up doing other things. 

When we first found out we would be doing an open air, we were all like what is that?! Then, when we found out it was like a street evangelism kind of thing most of us were pretty intimidated & a little nervous. We head out, and stop pretty much in the middle of the road, where there was a small group of people & a large van with “Jesus Christ Loves You” written across the top. I though we were gonna get in that van & go somewhere else, but no. Right there was were the open air event was happening. We sang songs, heard a few of the people gathered on the street’s testimonies & sang songs some more. 

Shane & I volunteered to share our testimonies but I was honestly secretly hoping we’d run out of time! However, not long after, the man on the mic said “I think we have a couple more testimonies?” So I walk up to the mic & thank God all my nerves went away! I gave my testimony clearer & more confidently than ever! I was so thankful God gave me the right words because if He wasn’t with me, it coulda been ugly. 

These past few days have been really great, going to the different schools. The children are just so sweet & loving, I wish I had time to give each one of them a good hug! I think everybody would agree with that. 

All in all, it’s been so cool for me personally to see everyone learn & really understand how important each of our testimonies are, even though they are all so different. & it’s great how we can look in the crowd when one of us is giving our testimony & see people with that look on their face like “wow, i’ve been through that too”. 

I just love this place, & my team. 

also, it’s been really hysterical seeing/ hearing the girls at the schools we’ve been to scream anytime Tavis speaks, or comes on stage like he’s a celebrity. I mean he isn’t all that! :P

school hopping

Hello everyone!! i’m so excited to be sharing and catching y’all up to speed on what we have been doing here in St. Lucia. There were worries in my mind that when we got here, that we wouldn’t be stretched enough or taken out of our comfort zone: Open Air did just that. We were evangelizing in the middle of a slum-ish area where people from the Augier* Evangelical Church shared testimonies and preached. It was a long day but definitely a great one. Monday morning, we went to a high school where I along with Tavis gave our testimonies. It was a great experience  to share it with so many people and feeling that they took something from it. Since then, we’ve gone to three other schools where we did similar things; sharing testimonies, skits and other various things. My favorite school experience so far would have to be at the elementary school today. If anyone who is reading this knows one thing about me, it is that I absolutely ADORE kids(: After we were done with our assembly, the kids came and talked to us and made all us girls take down our hair so they could play with it. Its amazing by how much they are infatuated with us, and will do anything to get our attention. The people here have done nothing but welcome us with open hearts, open arms and some great Caribbean food. The VBS that we started Monday has also been blessed. More and more kids that we visit from the school are coming out to the church to hear what we have to say about Jesus, and its a great to witness to them and be such an influence on their faith. 

Another amazing thing we got to do today was go to the southern most point of the island, and it is beautiful!! hopefully we’ll get some pictures up here soon so y’all can also witness the beauty of this country. The team is getting along great and we really are becoming a family. I know I’ve said it time and time again, but there isn’t anyone else i’d want to be stranded on this island with for three weeks doing the Lords work.

Oh, I think i failed to mention that so far we have eaten fresh coconut, mango, pineapple, lentils, lambs neck, curry chicken and fish, and that the coconut and mango trees are just outside our back door. My team and I just want to thank you for all your prayers and we ask that you continue to pray for the fatherlessness, hurt, and addictions in this country. We couldn’t be extending our love to the children and families here in Augier* without your prayers and support. A couple shout outs: Mom and Dad, I’m alive and well, Nana and Papaw, I hate to admit it, but I think there is finally some competition to your cooking and grilling,  and to all my friends that are following i love you and I miss you. I can’t wait to share more stories about all the ways God has blessed this trip<3

Much Love,

Staple removal success !!

Hey everybody so incase some of you don’t know one of our team members (Shane) had an injury before we left the states. He was riding bulls and dislocated his elbow which resulted in him breaking a bone in his arm requiring him to have surgery just a week before the trip. Tonight we (Catherine and Drake) took out the staples. He said that it didn’t hurt at all and his arm looks great! St.Lucia has been so amazing and we have already seen God start to work not only in the people of St.Lucia’s lives but also our own. I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for us but well be sure and keep you posted :) 


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